Corporate and Editorial Staff

                                                    • Patrick Bernardo

                                                      Publisher & Owner
                                                      Phone: 630-571-1067

                                                      With nearly 30 years of media marketing and management, Patrick has experience in over 12 vertical industries, having lead and grown periodicals, live events, industry conferences and web portals. With an eye on enhancing the total client media experience and investment ROI, his considerable knowledge and proven ability to deliver client value is a defining hallmark.
                                                    • Beth Gainer

                                                      Associate Editor
                                                      Phone: 630-571-1206

                                                      Beth Gainer joined Metal Center News in Feb 2020 as an associate editor. She is a veteran journalist with experience at several trade magazines.

                                                      To reach Beth with news items, product releases or other editorial reasons, feel free to call or send an email.

                                                    • Dan Markham

                                                      Senior Editor
                                                      Phone: 630-572-0593

                                                      Dan joined Metal Center News in 2005 as a senior editor. Previously he was a long-time writer and reporter, working 12 years at three Indiana newspapers. He also spent four years as a freelancer, writing for newspapers, magazines and books.
                                                    • Cindy Lockman

                                                      Production Manager
                                                      Phone: 630-571-1067

                                                      Cindy is Production Manager and Advertising Coordinator for Metal Center News. She is responsible for the ad materials and management of, our magazine's website. 



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